Customer Review Of The Mermaid Tails Offered By Mermaid Aqua

I wanted to experience the joy of swimming while the fins that make the user look just like a mermaid, as seen in the pages of fairy tale story books. So I bought online a lovely looking fin from, where numbers of mermaid tails are displayed for online sale. There are photos of the  www. Force fins of various colors, designs and sizes uploaded on this website, so I had a tough time to choose one from such a wide range of attractive fins. I have been so pleased with its use that inspired me to write a positive review on this product, so that other swimmers may also feel encouraged in buying it from Mermaidaqua.

Visible description of my purchased mermaid tails:

I bought online a Custom Estimable Mermaid Tails with Mono fin, of Cotton Candy variety from Mermaidaqua. It is a light blue colored fin with hot pink edges at the rear ends that makes it look more gorgeous. The fin appears to be covered with large scales, due to the exclusive pattern used on this waterproof fabric that makes it really look like a mermaid’s tail. There is also a lovely crimson red design imprinted on a side of this fin, making the wearer look more attractive while swimming in the water of the swimming pool. This fin is available in various sizes and I had to put in my sizes of the waist, hip region, length from the waist to my feet and the size of the feet, for getting the exact size of the fin that fitted on my lower body perfectly! It is clear that these sizes should be accurate for getting the most perfectly fitted swimming fins for a person. It looks like a real part of my body when I wear it for swimming and makes me look like an actual mermaid.

Structural and functional design of my purchased fin:

The inner part of the mono fin of this mermaid tail is made of rubber flipper material, instead of any simple fabric that prevents the fin from becoming heavier down in the water. But there are elastic bands placed around the feet region of the fins, which allows the wearer to remove her feet from the fins easily, whenever needed on emergency cases. However, I have been advised by the manufacturer’s manual to wear comfortable cotton socks, to prevent the formation of any blister on my feet due to the friction with the rubber surface of monofin. I have been really hooked to the mermaid tails due to its innovative design that is simply amazing and different from all other fins made by other brands. I heard that the customers are also free to suggest their own preferred designs for the creation of the fins perfectly according to their wild imaginations.

Price of the mermaid tails that I bought

I was quite surprised to find the reasonable price of my chosen beautiful swimming fin of Mermaidaqua, which was perfectly affordable for me. The prices of these fins depend on the sizes mentioned by the customers, as the smaller fins prepared for the kids are sure to be much cheaper than the larger ones created for the adults, like the one bought by me. There is no additional hidden cost required to be paid, which is a relief because I can see the exact price of my chosen fins, before I proceed to buy the item. So it was a great purchase for me that perfectly satisfied my wish even within my constraint budget.

Various beneficiary features of the Mermaidaqua mermaid tails

  • The best quality waterproof fabric is used for covering the outer surface of the mermaid tails. The good quality of this special fabric prevents the fading off the colors imprinted on its body, as my fin remains exactly in the same condition even after spending hours in the water.
  • The brightness of the colors and the shining texture of the outer fabric make the entire fins simply superb in looks, which stuns all the viewers whoever watches me swimming in the water with these fins.
  • The swimming fins are perfectly manufactured by this company, leaving no scope of any complaint from my side regarding the presence of any undesired hole or sign of damage, over the outer fabric or on the inner surface of the fins. Hence, I can be sure of the guaranteed durability of my purchased fins, even after continuous uses.
  • The mermaid tails are certified to be safe for use by the reliable authority, which has increased my trust on this product available in Moreover, the manufacturer has provided a descriptive manual with this item, explaining how to use it safely and conveniently. So I could avoid the confusion about putting on this entirely closed fin over my lower body.
  • As there is no zipper or Velcro for securing this tail on my body, I only have to flip the fin inside out. The rubber monofin is so tightly attached to the outer fabric that it seems to be same material on both surfaces! So all I need to do is to place my legs on the pockets of the fins and roll the monofin smoothly upwards till the upper hemline reaches my waist. Therefore, I am very impressed with the ease of using the swimming fins of Mermaidaqua.
  • These swimming fins fit me perfectly on my lower body as it is created exactly according to the measurements of sizes provided by me, at the time of placing the online order for it. Moreover, it is very lightweight and never increases my actual bodyweight while swimming under the water. Hence, I can swim as swiftly and comfortably as a real mermaid in the water.

Hence, I can easily rate this mermaid tails purchased from with 5 stars, due to its amazing visible beauty and functionality that can easily mesmerize the user. Any avid swimmer may buy this product and be assured of a great experience of swimming with the legs joined by these mermaid tails; just as I am loving my swimming experience with these lovely fins covering my legs.