Clean Cooking With Diabetes: Valuemags

Diabetes Self-Management Magazine is a magazine that was designed for people with diabetes that feel restricted in their diets and how they lead their lifestyle. The magazine is offered, marketed, and distributed by ValueMags who has a “no strings attached policy”. Readers often look for ways to make sure that they are not tied into a subscription. On the contrary, ValueMags never bills you so they will never tie you into any magazine. Therefore, many individuals with diabetes have been ordering from ValueMags to get the best self-management information they can find. The information in the magazine is written and published by individuals who are living with diabetes themselves and are looking to help people that are going through similar problems.


Each issue of Diabetes Self-Management is full of diabetes self-care tips, diabetes friendly recipes that have been tested and tried, medical information in the field, meal prepping tips and tricks, and how to make sure you and your family get everything you need when having to respect certain dietary restrictions.

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