Jewellery Style

10 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know

Coordinating what accessories to wear is a task that women should relish every morning. Your jewellery defines your style and communicates a piece of your personality to the world. But, sometimes, there’s just far too much choice! Is today a day for that unique handmade jewellery you were gifted? Should you wear your new drop […]

Body Jewelry

Different Types Of Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is made for the art of body piercings. They come in different shapes and sizes to provide a perfect fit for the body sizes it should be in. Body jewelry is worn in the nose, ear, belly button, tongue, etc and they are either worn for fashion, personal symbolism, religious beliefs and traditional […]


Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

In Hindu mythology yellow sapphire gemstone holds an immense value. This gemstone symbolizes the planet Jupiter and has its power within. Jupiter is the ‘Guru’ of all the planets or simply ‘teacher’ among all the planets. So, it has a great importance. Nowadays, people have been more conscious about the energy and spiritual power of […]