Best Red Dress Ideas for Your Amazing Valentine

Red dresses just scream valentines! A classic red frock is one of the easiest and most classic ways of turning heads, it’s all a question of finding the right one for you! Read on for everything you need to know when you’re browsing for your (or your partner’s) dream dress!

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How to Find the Right Red Dress…

Dress shopping doesn’t have to be tricky! If you’re shopping for yourself you’ll need to…

Find your fit: When it comes to gowns, it really is all in the fit. Focus on the silhouette that best flatters your form and you’ll grab yourself a gorgeous piece that makes you look breathtaking seemingly effortlessly. This comes down to understanding your own measurements and the cuts that frame those numbers properly. Measure your chest, waist, hips and height and dive into the cuts that are going to make you feel incredibly. Remember that when in doubt, the beautiful A-line cut makes all shapes sizes and aesthetics look fabulous.

Think ahead: Your dress should be with you for the long run, and this means that you should avert your eyes away from those oh so tempting but inevitably short lived trend items. Invest in a classic cut that you can style in a tonne of different ways instead. You’ll have a knockout red dress on hand for every big event in your future – lucky you!

Shop for quality: Now, because you’re going to be wearing that classic dress for many years to come, you’ll want to ensure that the quality is going to stick by you. Investing might feel considerable in the moment, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re still rocking it seasons from now! You get what you pay for, so invest smart.

Remember the power of the accessory: With a classic and high quality dress comes a whole load of different and exciting styling opportunities, yay! Accessories have so much styling potential, think about the possibilities that new colours, layered jewellery and statement eye-catching accents can bring you! This is great for switching up a timeless cut and making it work for years on end.

Shopping for someone special? In that case you’ll need to…

Take a look at what they already have: It’s hard to find a flawless fit for someone else’s body, but you can absolutely take a cheeky look in their closet or pay attention to what they’re wearing to spy what shapes the lucky person in question tends to pick. By shopping according to their preferred style and silhouette, you’ll be sure to treat them to something that they really love.

Ask around: Feeling the pressure? You can always call in a few favours from their nearest and dearest! Those closest to your loved one will be able to help you pull up a few options or rule out some left field choices.

Look for silver or gold: A great way of finding the perfect shade of red for your loved one is by checking out whether they prefer to wear gold or silver jewellery. If they’re a silver siren through and through, you’ll want to go for a cool toned, blue based red. If they go for gold at every opportunity, they’re going to suit an orange, toasty red better. If they like to mix and match, you can select whatever you like, they’ll suit both cool and warm tones!

Keep it classic: Lastly, make sure that you’re sticking to beautiful timeless cuts, this will mean that they are likely to love it no matter what their personal style might be.