The Best Beauty Salon Supplies Online

Just established a salon and are clueless about where to buy the best products and equipment from? This can be a tough problem but has a very easy solution. The best beauty salon supplies are easily available online helping you escape the hassle of going to the market and thoroughly searching to get the best quality at the most reasonable price. “Elegans” has provided a one-stop solution for all those salon furniture australia owners that are looking for the best products for their salon. There is no second thought about the highest comfort that their wide variety of products offer. This means that all your customers will be back after their first appointment with you.


When it comes to machinery, they have the best in technology providing exceptional services while being user-friendly as well. Following are some of the beauty therapy machines that you get your hands on:

Rotary Brush:

These are used to cleanse and prepare the skin for any treatment. From a single functioning unit to being a part of the multi-function unit, there are different varieties available as per your requirement.

Carlton Professional Machines:

Carlton has been providing quality material for about 60 years. There is a wide range of beauty treatment machines that work brilliantly and are no match when it comes to reliability and durability.

Electrolysis and Epilation:

They have high-quality machines that minimize the time and achieve outstanding results and are available in different sizes and types.

Facial Machines:

They have all the machines that are required for any kind of facial treatment. You name it and they have it.

Facial Steamers, Vaporizers:

Salon owners can choose from five different steamers according to their requirement as all of them are of top-notch quality.

Faradic – Electronic Muscle Stimulation:

A very effective electronic treatment for the relaxation of muscles of all your customers.

Galvanic Machines:

It is a machine that uses a constant direct current called the galvanic current which can be used in various facial treatments.

High Frequency:

This machine is available both as an independent unit or combined with some multi-functional unit and works to increase circulation and provide a wonderful cleansing effect in a treatment.

Hot Towel Cabinets:

There are two sizes available in hot towel cabinets with the larger one accommodating up to 36 facial towels and the smaller one can hold up to 24 of them.

Magnifying Lamps:

Multi-functional magnifying lamps are available as both standing units or as attachable equipment to trolleys, benches, or wall posts.


This is the most important machine for your salon if you want to ensure a hygienic beauty treatment for all your clients. It is essential to clean the metal implements with such machines that can penetrate the skin of a customer.

Tattoo Removal:

A laser tattoo removal machine to deal with all those clients who want a tattoo to be removed.

Apart from these, a wide range of other products is also available which are essential for any beauty salon. The company has been providing various beauty salons in Australia with the best equipment for the last 75 years. Their latest technological equipment has no match in the industry giving them an ultimate edge over all their competitors.