Balayage vs Ombre Hair: The Difference

Have you ever seen Balayage and Ombre hair styles? Of course, you will already have an idea that there is somehow a little difference when it comes to their appearance. Nevertheless, it can be quite different when going to the salon and requesting for one. You will not be allowed to have “ombre balayage” since the stylist will ask you which of the two is your bet.

Actually, they are similar in a sense that you may end up with a look that is confusing as either a balayage or ombre. To be sure about the difference between the two, you have to determine which you want and which you do not want.

The Ombre

Ombre is actually a hairstyle that comes from the word “shadow” in France. This actually reflects that of a shadow. With this style, it first starts from a darker shade right through its roots down to a lighter shade on the ends.

This is mainly ideal for those who already have their dark roots. This will simply provide for a natural and good look. This can also be grown out without doing it again. This is simply the best transition hairstyle that you must have.

For those who actually have dark hair and who intend to make a change to light, it is easier and faster to do it if you obtain a subtle ombre. Then, you can start right from there. This will also make the transition a lot easier considering your hair. It will not also be shocking for all people to see.

The Balayage

The Balayage actually looks the same as Ombra. It is just that it is a bit different. This is a technique that is utilized in dyeing the hair. This is not actually the style itself. Once you ask a hair expert for a balayage, they will actually dye your hair in a different way than asking for an ombre. Still, you will come out with the same result. You can also check latest hairstyles at

To best understand the meaning of Balayage, it actually means “to sweep”. If you have seen someone who gets her hair dyed this way, you will actually know why. The pieces of hair are actually taken in triangle sections. Now, the hair expert sweeps the color on to a foil or board.

With regard to this technique, it actually has the same effect to ombre. This is due to the reason that the hair dye rests right through the endmost part of the hair. Thus, this gives it a more fluid and better transition from the root part and then down. Nevertheless, the two actually differ as the balayage is not as extreme as an ombre. In addition to that, it is subtle and it achieves a look that is more of a highlight.

Now, who do you think is this best for? This is great for those who want to have a less drastic change. For those who want to change their color but want to look natural, they will benefit more from a balayage.

In conclusion, both look great and amazing for those who would like to try it. Still, get your hair dyed in such a way that you like!