Baby Prams – What Types Are Available In the Market Today

Baby Prams – What Types Are Available In the Market Today

The easiest way to define baby prams is that it is a carrycot on wheels. It is normally used from the birth of a newborn to the six months of his life or until the baby becomes able to support his head without any help. There are different types available in the market that can make you confused. Therefore, if you want to buy one of the best prams for your baby, you should search well about the types and then make a decision.

There are some prams that can be converted into a pram seat, while there are some prams that come with a detachable carrycot. A lot of manufacturers out there are producing carrycots suitable for overnight sleeping. These cots are uniquely designed and undergo various safety tests and come with the necessary padding comfortable for sleeping.

As mentioned earlier that there are a lot of types available in these prams today, so if you are also looking for the best type for your little one, read out this article:

Travel System:

This type of pram comes with a detachable car seat along with a buggy. A few models of this system also feature a pram unit or a carrycot for your babies that are up to 6 months old. No doubt, car seats are important safety tools that can help to keep your little one secure, especially when you are travelling in a vehicle.

3-Wheeler Pram:

A 3 wheeler pram, stroller, or buggy is the one that comes with one wheel at the front and two at the back. The front wheel has a lock and a swivel feature so that it can allow the pram to go in a straight line. There are further several types of prams available in the market today that can vary in weight, use, and size.

  • Urban 3-wheelers
  • 3-wheeler travel systems
  • All-terrain pushchairs
  • Twin or tandem 3-wheelers

All-Terrain Pushchair:

This type of pram is designed to use around the town as well as off-road. ATP prams are larger than standard type prams. Plus, it comes with pneumatic tyres and a good suspension. And if we compare the frame of these prams with the standard style buggies, you will come to know that these buggies are more solid and robust and can withstand the bounces and bumps of the off-road.

A few all-terrain pushchair models are 3-wheelers which makes it easy for you to steer over rough and uneven ground.

Standard Buggy:

There are many standard buggies that are specially designed for babies that are over six months old. But a few standard buggy models allow a lie-flat option that enables you to use them from your child’s birth.

Moreover, these prams vary in their designs. Some models of these prams come with four wheels at each corner of their square frame, whereas there are some models that come with a triangle frame in which wheels are attached at a central point.

Lightweight Prams:

These are best in the sense of travelling. If you travel a lot, especially on public transport or go for a vacation, these are the best to consider. These prams weigh less than 6kg. And the best thing and feature of these prams are that they are foldable and can be folded into a compact package. You can even fold it with one hand.

Jogger Pram:

It is the best pram in the sense of exercising with. It is easy to find a jogger pram as it comes with large BMX-size wheels. Plus, one of the best things about these prams is that they have good suspensions that can easily absorb shocks and bumps.

Twin Pram:

This type of pram is best for two children. But it should be remembered that it is not good for children of the same age. Basically, it is not suitable for twins. In this pram, children sit side by side, and each seat has a reclining mechanism, so you will be able to operate it independently.

Therefore, these are a few most common types of baby prams available in the market today that you can choose from.