7 Reasons to Carry a Portable Hairbrush

7 Reasons to Carry a Portable Hairbrush

You may feel like you already carry everything but the kitchen sink in your purse, but there are just some things women need, right?

From grooming tools to makeup, snacks, and your wallet, there’s a lot of items begging for real estate in your purse. Among the items you carry, a portable hairbrush should be one.

Why should you not skip the travel hairbrush? Here are our top reasons.

Detangling your Hair

Tangles – they are a part of everyone’s life whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair. If you leave them, though, they only cause more stress on your hair. You’ll start seeing more breakage and your hair could weaken.

Brushing your hair regularly will help eliminate the tangles. Start at the bottom and work your way up, slowly working the tangles out of your hair. Make it a habit to brush your hair several times and you should have fewer tangles.

Maintaining your Style

You work hard to get your hairstyle, don’t let it get ruined by not carrying a travel hair brush with you. A travel brush will help you keep your style how you want it. Wind, rain, snow, and even just running around with the kids has a way of making your hair lose its shape faster than you thought possible. 

Keep a brush in your purse and you never have to have that ‘oh gosh I looked like that all day’ feeling again.

Keep Your Hair Shiny

If you listen to the experts and don’t wash your hair every day, you probably have oil buildup at the roots. This is normal – but left too long and it could make your hair look ‘greasy.’ When you regularly brush your hair, you brush the oils through it, keeping your hair shiny and avoiding the ‘greasy’ look you don’t want.

Fight Frizz

Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, you’ve probably dealt with frizz before. It’s frustrating, especially after working on your hair so carefully. 

Frizz happens most often when your hair is dry. Not washing your hair every day may make your hair feel less moisturized and even dry. When you brush your hair, you move the oils through and avoid the frizzy look no one wants.

Avoid Overcrowding your Purse or Suitcase

You know you need a brush, but carrying around a full-size brush isn’t fun. It makes your purse heavy and crowds your purse or suitcase.

Whether you’re traveling or just running your errands, a portable hairbrush can leave more room in your purse for other things and it won’t make it feel overcrowded. 

Feel “Put Together”

There’s something about knowing you can fix your hair at any time. When you have a travel brush with you, there’s less worry about your hair getting messy or looking unkempt. There’s nothing worse than walking into an important meeting, interview, or even a night out with your gal pals to find your hair messed up.

A portable brush in your purse can fix even the messiest hair or work out the toughest tangles even while you are out.

Take Care of your Hair

Your hair needs you to brush it often. If you let it go all day, you’ll end up with a tangled mess and a less than perfect hairdo.

Brushing your hair keeps it healthy and looking great. Even if you can’t get in for a haircut or you’re behind on your coloring, taking good care of your hair including brushing it often can ensure it looks good.

Don’t Leave Home without a Travel Hairbrush

Make a travel hairbrush a regular part of the items you carry in your purse. It’s the perfect way to take care of your hair, fix messy hair, and even brush your kids’ hair. You never know when you’ll need to fix your hair or just regularly brush it. Being out and about, especially outside will create tangles and messy hair – knowing you always have a cute brush handy is the perfect way to ensure you have beautiful hair.