7  Advantages of a Clear Crossbody Bag

7  Advantages of a Clear Crossbody Bag

When you go out into the world, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to carry things with you. At the very least you have to worry about your phone, wallet, and the contents of your wallet. Sometimes you even have other things that you want to bring with you.

You have a lot of options when it comes to the bags that you carry your stuff in. You can go with something big and flashy like a Gucci bag, or you could go with something a little more humble and subtle than that. 

One option that goes largely overlooked is that of a clear crossbody bag. There are a lot of good reasons to use this kind of bag, but have you considered using it in the first place? If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least been thinking about it conceptually. 

Well, in today’s article we’re going to cover exactly what the benefits of using a clear bag are for the things that you need to carry with you on a daily basis. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have a much better idea of if this would work for you. 

Whether or not you decide that this accessory is right for you, you deserve to know the advantages of using this kind of bag so you can be confident that you’re making the right choice based on your circumstances and your needs.

1. Get Through Airport Security More Easily 

Going to the airport can be a troubling affair. You’ve got to show up at least two hours early, and that’s just if you’re traveling domestically. If you’re traveling internationally, you have to arrive at least three hours early. That’s a lot of time you have to spend on this affair.

Then after that, you have to go through TSA checkpoints, TSA being short for Travel Security Agency. The TSA will want to look through all of your things through their X-Ray machine before they allow you too far into the airport, and especially before they let you onto the plane.

Having a clear bag can cut back on how long this part of the process takes because they can see right into your bag and inspect the contents at a glance. Of course, you still might have to submit it to an x-ray scan, but the odds are much lower.

2. Keep Track Of Your Belongings With A Glance

How often have you been in public and been unsure of what’s in your bag, or worse, if someone could have taken something from your bag without your consent? That’s a really stressful thing to have to deal with when you’re out and about in general. 

Normal bags are usually not see-through. That means that you have to physically open your bag to take inventory of your things, sometimes even going so far as having to dump the contents of your bag out on a table or other flat surface to be sure that everything is there.

When you have a clear bag, all you need to do is scan the bag and you can be sure that nothing is out of place. This takes a lot less time and effort than having to dump your things out and can lead to a lot more time doing the things that you love while you’re out. 

No one wants to worry about their things mysteriously going missing while they’re trying to have a nice day out on the town. It’s the worst when you realize that your wallet, keys, or cell phone disappeared throughout the day.

Being able to keep an eye on your things with a glance adds a level of convenience that most people don’t get to enjoy when they’re using their normal opaque bags. It’s one of those things that you don’t fully understand the convenience of until you experience it for yourself.

3. Make Getting Into The Big Game Go More Smoothly

We all love going to sporting events. Whether they’re major games with your favorite major league sports team or just a local college football game, there’s something that can be said about the amount of spirit that fills the stadium. The comradery of rooting for your favorite sports team with all of the other fans.

Now, much like with any other kind of major even where a lot of people are expected to be in attendance, you’ll probably need to submit to a security screening before you get in to make sure that you don’t have any firearms on you.

Having an opaque bag means that they’ll need to actually look through your things, but having a clear bag means that you can spend less time at the security checkpoint and more time scoring some delicious nachos from the stadium concession stand, which is something we can all certainly agree is a better use of your time. 

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4. Easier Organization Possibilities

As we mentioned before, clear bags are nice because they allow you to see at a glance what’s in your bag. This allows you an easier time seeing if something was taken without your consent, which allows you a greater amount of peace of mind. 

Well, that’s not the only advantage that clear bags bring you over opaque bags when it comes to being able to see your own things at a glance. The other big place that these clear bags offer an advantage is in how easy they are to organize on the fly. 

Let’s say you’re out to lunch with your friends and you realize that your bag needs to be re-organized for some reason. With an opaque bag, you’ll find yourself having to take everything out to put them back into their proper spots and even then you won’t know exactly where you put them.

Clear bags make that a thing of the past, and you can easily slide your things into the right compartments without having to put much thought into it. This is, of course, because you can see exactly what you’re doing without even having to open the bag all the way. 

5. Cut Back On The Amount Of Maintenance Your Need To Do On Your Bag

Opaque bags are a little tricky. Let’s say you’re out on the town getting some coffee with your friends. You accidentally spill your coffee. Luckily, it didn’t fall on anyone so no one got burnt by your piping hot cup o’ joe during its journey to the ground. 

Unfortunately, the coffee did spill all over your bag. If you have an opaque bag, that probably means that you need to wash it now. Hopefully, it wasn’t a white bag or you could have to deal with coffee stains, which are never a fun thing to deal with. 

If you were using a clear bag, however, you won’t have to worry about it as much. Most see-through bags are made out of a plastic-like material that can easily be wiped off with a paper towel when liquids fall on it. The liquid might even dissipate before it’s actually an issue.

6. Have A Conversation Piece On You At All Times

Most people have opaque bags on them at all times. While some of these bags are nice, even the nicest one is less likely to catch attention as a clear bag. Why is this? Because clear bags are simply not as common as opaque bags are.

You could even keep a conversation piece in your bag to make it double the conversation piece, which makes clear bags a great choice if you’re looking to strike up some conversations that go that much more smoothly while you’re out in public for the day, night, or even over the weekend. 

7. Make Office Security A Breeze

A lot of people work in offices. It’s not at all uncommon for this to be a thing. In a lot of offices, especially offices where you’re dealing with sensitive information, you’re not allowed to bring opaque bags into the building or onto the floor where the work is happening. 

Well, having a clear bag can, in a lot of cases, make it a lot easier for you. If everyone can see what’s in your bag, you have a higher chance of being able to bring it in with you to the office, even where everyone is working. 

Please don’t automatically take this as gospel and check with your work first. Not every company has the same rules and regulations, so being sure that you’re following their rules to the T is going to be important if you want to continue working for the company that you currently work for. 

Upgrade Your Bag, Update Your Style

Clear crossbody bags are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades at this point in time. Taking advantage of their existence can mean a lot for your social life and for your style because of how rare they are to see in public.

On top of that, they can make getting through security checkpoints that much easier, and no one wants to be held up at security because their bag has too much stuff in it that can’t be looked over at a glance. Using the right bag for the right situation can make a world of difference.