6 Tips When Buying Men’s Tungsten Rings

American Tungsten rings for men have become the most sought after choice in the current times as wedding bands. Their exceptional feature such as resistance to wear and tear and permanent polish have been the major reason why they have become the most selling wedding bands for men.

Owing to this growing trend, there has been a surge of online stores offering tungsten rings at the cheap rates to lure in customers. Going for such an offer may not give you the required results that you might have purchased a tungsten ring for. The beauty of tungsten rings made from the inferior quality material may fade away and it may also cause severe allergic reactions on the skin. To avoid facing such issues, we are providing you with 6 tips that you must follow when buying men’s tungsten ring.

1.      Fit to Finger

An obvious fact – a ring will be of no use if it doesn’t fit your finger. It is important to get the ring made as per your finger sizing. You need to get your finger sized before selecting a ring.  You can also take help of online sizing charts however they might not be absolutely accurate so it is most recommended to get your finger sized from an expert.

2.      Keep a Check on Your Budget

When it comes to tungsten rings, the more amount you pay for them the more high quality you get. However, the cost is still less than rings made from most of the precious metals such as gold, platinum, diamond etc. Make sure the ring you have selected is giving you the utility worth the cost you are spending on it. The designing on the ring and its style also depend on the cost you pay for it.

3.      Follow the 3C’s of Tungsten Rings

Always remember the 3C rule when selecting a tungsten ring for flaunting on your wedding day. The C’s of tangent rings are:

  • Comfort
  • Content
  • Craftsmanship

4.      Style

Tungsten rings are available in numerous styles. However, not every style can look good on you. If you are selecting a tungsten ring for your wedding, make sure the design matches the ring design of your to-be better half.

5.      Selection of Jeweler

The quality and beauty of a tungsten ring also depend on the skills of the craftsman. Purchase a ring that has been crafted from an expert jeweler even if you have to pay some extra amount for it since a craftsman knows the expertise of proper finishing and designing.

6.      Beware of Cobalt

Some tungsten rings contain cobalt as a substitute for nickel as a binder. Such rings usually are not durable and may not resist excessive wear and tear. Furthermore, cobalt can also be a reason of causing an allergic reaction to the skin of the wearer. So, it is better to buy a ring after thorough inspection and evaluation.

One definitely wants their wedding rings to be special. All you need to do while buying the ring for the special day is follow the above-mentioned tips and flaunt it with élan.