6 Things You Should Always Take to The Dry Cleaners

No matter how good you are at washing, somethings need a professional touch. Some clothes have tags that say that it should be cleaned by the dry cleaner. If you want to preserve the life of that clothing, do not ignore the advice on that little tag. Even though it is clearly stated in some clothes whether you should take them to the dry cleaners or not, some are not straightforward. Here is a list of some clothing types that should definitely be taken to the dry cleaners.

1. Anything that has embellishments

Clothes with embellishments such as beads, metals, and sequins are held by tiny threads and they can easily go off when washed with powerful washers. It is therefore essential that they are dry cleaned by professional dry cleaners.

2. Suits

Your suits should definitely be cleaned by the dry cleaner. Materials such as wool do not look nice when cleaned at home and unfortunately, most suits are made of wool. To keep your suits new and fresh, get them dry cleaned by professional dry cleaners.

3. Dark Colored Silks

Although silks, in general, can be cleaned at home, it is highly recommended that you take your dark colored silks to the dry cleaners. They usually bleed and stain other clothes when you wash them at home. You can wet a small part of your silk and then try to squeeze it dry with a white paper towel. If it stains the paper towel, you should definitely send it to the dry cleaners.

4. Anything with Pleats

You can ruin your favorite pleat clothing when you wash it yourself. The pleats may be destroyed. You do not need to risk it if you love your attire. If you live in Cucamonga, get the services of professional dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga to get them to clean your favorite pleat attire. They have machines that can even re-pleat your attire if the pleat gets spoiled.

5. Anything with lining

Certain jackets, skirts, shirts, and dresses have inner linings. These linings make the clothes look great. Washing these clothes at home can deteriorate the lining making the clothing lose its attractiveness. If you want to wear that attire for a long time, you should send them to a dry cleaner.

6. Furs, leather, and suede

Anything that has animal fur should not be washed since the water will cause the skin to shrink and dry out. Vintage furs such as mink coats and fox stoles should also be cleaned by a dry cleaner. Your leather and suede clothing will also be better off at the dry cleaners. Do not reduce the life of your favorite clothing by washing them at home.

Apart from the above-mentioned clothing items, there are other clothing items that may look nicer when you get them dry cleaned. Check the tags on the clothing to be sure about what to do. If you are not sure about what to do, just take them to the Chaffey Cleaners. Experienced dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga will know how to clean them.