6 Things That You Can Do When Flowers Begin To Wilt

Surprising the one you love with scattered flower petals have become a cliché, I am sure that you are easily swept away by the vibrant colors, tantalizing smell and how they brighten up your room and freshen up your mood. But what happens to these floral beauties when they begin to wilt. I am sure each one of us starts feeling guilty and want to desperately do something about it too. Therefore, we have come up with 6 suggestions to make the best use of dried flowers.

I remember once I had got an online flower delivery in Bangalore by Bangalore florist to my sister and once these flowers were dried she hung it on a windowsill which was lying dull and colourless for a very long time. These flowers add a pop of colour to the area and made it look even more beautiful.

If you love an art then I am sure you will love the fact that when these flowers are framed they add a special meaning to the wall. Every time you look at that dried bouquet or bunch you will be immediately reminded of the times that you have spent with the one you love.

Pressed flowers have great advantages too, you can use them as your notes, bookmarks, artwork, and greeting card or can even make gift wraps out of it too. Pressed flowers have much more uses then you think they have.

Want to try something creative? Get melted wax and add the flowers or the flower petals on the same, once this is done, just roll the candle onto the melted wax to give them classic look. And make sure that once the wax is rolled onto the candle you have to coat the candles with several other layers of wax too.

This time instead of buying an artificial scent for your cars and drawers and cupboards try something more natural. These dried flowers can retain their scent for a very long time and you can freshen up your linens, cars and cupboards with the fragrant aroma and I am sure that you will love it.

You can also use these flowers as your bath bombs too. Add these dried flowers to your bathing water and I am sure that it will leave you feeling refreshed. If you want you can also make bathing soaps too out of these dried petals which will be quite good for your skin

These are just some suggestions that we have to repurpose flowers, however, there are a several other ways to make the best use of flowers. So the next time you have flowers at your home, you know what exactly to do with them.