6 Popular Metals Used In Manufacturing The Engagement Rings

Are you preparing for the engagement? Have you planned the ring yet? You can surprise the bride-to-be or your future bridegroom by presenting him the most amazing engagement ring. If you only have heard about the hula or the diamond ring, then before visiting the engagement ring stores Toronto you should have a clear knowledge on the different metals used in making the rings.

Let’s explore some of the most used metals in creating the engagement ring Toronto—

Yellow gold

Rings made of yellow gold ensure longevity as no additional color coat is given on the jewelry. Premium boutique jewelry makers like Serli Siron custom rings successfully maintain their traditionalist client base by showcasing some of the finest pieces of rings made of pure yellow gold of 18k to 24k. Usually, rings are made with the 18k gold as maintaining the stone on the 24k gold can be touch and rings require hardiness and compared to that the 24k gold is soft because of the bigger proportion of pure gold.

White gold

If you are fascinated with platinum but couldn’t afford it for its high price, you have the flexibility of selecting any ring made of white gold. It is 14k to18k gold mixed with several alloys and is given a metallic coat like rhodium for the longevity of the look. Choose a reliable jewelry store that has the reputation of producing the finest white gold rings along with ensuring the longevity of the metallic look of the gold. Otherwise, over the passing of time, the metallic look of the ring can be withered away.

Rose Gold

The rose gold is 14-18k gold with a pink tint. Many couples prefer this metal when it comes to their engagement ring. It has a feminine look, still men can opt for the hulas or diamond rings made of this material. Along with rings and jewelry, the latest trend is showing the growing demand of the rose gold in accessories as well such as watches, wrist bands etc. It is a smart option to choose Toronto engagement ring stores for purchasing the best quality rose gold jewelry and especially the engagement ring.


With similarities of that of the platinum, the rings made of palladium are hypoallergenic and never tarnish. Palladium is more affordable than other metals usually used in making the rings for wedding or engagement purpose.


The most expensive of all is platinum. If you are intending to get your girl the finest platinum engagement ring, then visit the boutique Toronto engagement ring stores catering some of their premium collections.


The hypoallergenic and corrosion-free titanium is the chosen metal for the rings and other accessories for men. But it is not like that women folks can’t wear the polished black or cool grey rings. But for the engagement purpose, people usually prefer gold, platinum etc.

These are the top six types of metals used in making the rings for engagement. Choose from any of these metals when you are off for shopping an engagement ring Toronto.