6 DIY Ideas To Try This Summer

6 DIY Ideas To Try This Summer

Ah, the beauty of DIY projects. The initial idea is often far more ambitious than the actual result, but who cares? It’s the process that counts! So try your hands at one of the following DIY ideas and see whether you’ll surprise yourself with skills you didn’t know you had.

Update your phone case

Is your phone case in desperate need of an update? Why not do it yourself? Buy some paint, jewels and brushes, and paint away! You’re free to draw on any design you want. So pick a theme, choose your favourite Disney character or create an abstract pattern that draws the eye.

Create your own lava lamp

The magic of lava lamps and the nostalgic 70s vibe is reason enough to make your own lava lamp. Get an empty glass jar, pour in 2/3 of oils and 1/3 water until you reach the edge of the jar, add some drops of food dye, throw in a tablet of Alka Seltzer and watch the magic happen. You can even add LED lights to make your self-crafted lava lamp even more stunning.

Decorate your own set of cards

Want to make an impression next time you plan an evening of poker or baccarat? Bring your own deck of cards! It’s simple: just buy any regular deck of cards, some white acrylic paint and some fine-liner pens. Paint the backs of your playing cards white with multiple layers so the initial design doesn’t shine through. When dry, take your hand at the pens and start scribbling away. Create beautiful and flowing designs or go for an abstract and modern approach. Make sure to spray some hairspray on the back of your cards when your design is dry to make sure it will not fade.

Make your own jewelry

Making jewelry is probably the most popular form of DIY. That’s probably because there are so many different ways to create stunning pieces of jewelry yourself. Whether it’s tying strings, stringing beads or using plastic bottles to create bangles – every piece is as stunning as the next. Add your signature design and show off your self-made pieces next time you strut your outfit down the street.

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Get creative with coasters

A DIY project that’s both pretty and useful? This calls for a coaster project. By making your own coasters, you get to express your creative side and project your table from stains and circles at the same time. Go with a design that matches the rest of your interior but add a fun twist to keep things interesting. Your table will thank you!

Add a statement piece

Is your interior lacking that one true statement piece that reflects your personality? There’s no excuse for a boring home, so get your toolkit, find some inspiration online and get started! You probably have a place in mind for the piece to be positioned. Make sure you take dimensions and keep in mind what purpose your piece must have. Purely decorative? Or does it need to function as a coat rack too?

No limits to creativity

When starting a DIY project, you’re only limited by your own imagination. So try new things, experiment and make sure there’s room for mistakes and growth. That’s what’s making the process enjoyable and worth a try.