6 Clever Uses for Hair Ties

6 Clever Uses for Hair Ties

Hair ties have been around for a long time, but never as cute and fun as they are today. We’ve graduated from the ‘scrunchy’ phase and are now in the cute coil hairband phase, which are not only fun, but they do so much more for you than hold your hair up.

Just what can you do with coil hairbands? Here are our favorite uses.

A Cute Accessory

What girl doesn’t love to have a party on her wrist? The more bracelets today the better, right? But bracelets don’t do double duty. You can’t take them off your wrist and tie your hair back. But you can do that with hairbands.

Why not stock up on some cute coil ties and wear them on your wrist, and always have a quick (and cute) way to throw your hair in a ponytail? Whether you’re hot, your hair is getting in your way, or you just need a different style, coil ties are always there for you.

Tie your Shirt

The tie your shirt at the bottom trend is coming back. Instead of using a regular hair tie, give your outfit a little flair with a coil tie holding it up. With so many choices of colors, it’s easy to accessorize your outfit, giving it a little bolt of color with a cute tie holding up the ends. It will be a conversation starter and who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend in your area?

Throw your Hair in a Messy Bun

When your knee-deep in hard labor, whether working out, cleaning the house, or you’re involved in a messy art project with your toddler, the last thing you want is to mess around looking for something to hold your hair back. Coil ties are a great way to throw your hair in a messy bun, getting your hair out of your way fast.

You won’t get those pesky creases in your hair that make it impossible to wear it down later either!

Mark your Drinking Glasses

Today we want to make sure no one shares glasses accidentally. While wine glass charms are cute, they don’t work on regular drinking glasses, but hair ties do. Grab a stack of coil ties and give everyone a specific color. You’ll know instantly which glass belongs to each person so you don’t make the mistake of drinking out of a glass that isn’t yours.

Keep your Curtains Back

On windy days when all you want is the cool air blowing through your house, you may need to tie the curtains back to get the full effect. Coil ties are the perfect answer. They are cute (and may even match your décor) while not causing any damage to your drapes.

Use one tie on each side of your curtain panels and you’ll have the wind blowing through your house, giving you the fresh air you desire.

A Cute Way to Carry Cash

If you’re not carrying a purse you need something to keep your cash organized. Throw a coil tie over it and you’ll have cash that stays in place and a hair tie should you need to throw your hair up quickly.

Coil Ties are the Best

Coil Ties Work the Best for Many Reasons.

• They are sturdy without causing damage. They don’t leave creases in your hair, marks on your curtains or clothes, or a line through your money when you use it as a money clip.

• They stretch back to size fast. You don’t have to worry if you stretch out coil ties. With a little hot air from your blow dryer they will shrink back down to size.

• They are cute! Who doesn’t love a little color or accessory in their outfit? Whether you wear them in your hair, on your wrist, or around your clothes, coil ties add a little texture and fun to your outfit.

If you’re looking for the best and most versatile hair ties, check out coil ties. They hold your hair, act as a fun accessory, and have many uses around the house. You probably never thought you’d find yourself using hair accessories for other things, but we promise, once you start you won’t want to stop!