5 Trendy Lularoe Dresses That Every Girl Must Check Out

Are you exhausted of not finding anything new and exciting in your wardrobe? Looking for something stunning to wear for an upcoming social event? Are you in search for a gorgeous dress to impress a new date? I can see you nod your head! Then waste no time and check out the collections of LuLaRoe Dresses. With brilliant designs and vibrant colors, LuLaRoe dresses are forging new levels of comfort for us dress lovers.
Here are the various styles of dresses from the exclusive collection house of LuLaRoe:

  • LuLaRoe Ana: Having a round low neck, the dress flows all the way down to your feet giving it a bohemian touch. Ana dresses are designed with mid-length sleeves allowing your bust and waist to look like they are more in shape and form. So if you are someone who is conscious about your arm fat, then this could be your perfect pick. Moreover they are ideal for casual occasions and hence you can flaunt your style by even wearing it to a library and not feel too guilty about it.
  • LuLaRoe Julia: dresses define what LuLaRoe truly stands for- ‘comfort with style’. With designs and fabric similar to a casual top, this dress is a fabulous choice for a girls day out or a weekend shopping. The dress is of knee length and have mid-length sleeves. With a higher neckline, this is highly advisable for occasions you don’t want to to show your cleavage.
  • LuLaRoe Amelia: Being the most coveted dresses, Amelia have got what almost all other fashion designers tend to forget- A pocket! So apart from being trendy and graceful, this dress is quite handy with these hidden pockets in its skirt and many of us girls cant thank LuLaRoe enough for being innovative over here. Amelia is designed to have knee length skirt and mid-length sleeves. With its jazzy floral designs and free flowing skirt, any girl would look adorably cute. Garbed in one of these lovely dresses, it will be hard to resist looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • LuLaRoe Nicole: It is too hard to wear this dress and not attempt at recreating the act of Marilyn Monroe’s flying skirt act at least once. The dress has got a scoop neck and a flawless form that hugs your waist and breasts. The full circle skirt is long enough to reach your knee. Wear this dress and all you would want to do is spin around like a ballerina while celebrating the femininity in you. With knee length and mid-length sleeves, this dress is the perfect choice for your new date.
  • LuLaRoe Carly: If you are in no mood to be garbed in dresses that sticks to you, and just want to chill outside in the comfort of your baggy clothes, then Carly is what you need. Carly being their latest baggy design, it lets you relax, breathe and enjoy a nice walk along the beach. It is available in plenty of attractive shades and prints. Be it for an outdoor picnic or any other occasion, Carly is definitely worth a trend to adopt.
    Since they are all exclusive collection of LuLaRoe, it is needless to say that most are available in almost all sizes. So buy the LuLaRoe dress of your choice today and show the world your unique style.