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5 Reasons To Carry A Portable Travel Brush

You know brushing your hair is good for you, but do you carry a portable travel brush with you? If not, you’re missing out on the spectacular benefits they provide. Not only will you have messy hair, but you don’t give your hair what it needs to stay healthy.

Check out the top five reasons to carry a travel brush with you all the time.

1. Get Rid Of Tangles Before They Get Worse

Tangles happen all the time, not just in windy weather or when you’re working out (although those situations make them worse). As you go through your day, you need to be able to get rid of tangles. Letting them fester only leads to a tangled mess that takes forever to get through and could even damage your hair.

2. Damage-Free Hair Care

What do you carry in your purse right now to care for your hair? A comb, right? Most people do because they’re lightweight and small. But did you also know they are terrible for your hair?

The wrong comb can pull, break, and further damage your hair. Not to mention the cleanliness factor as combs don’t have any protection from dust, dirt, and debris that accumulates in your purse.

travel brush (with the right protective cover) keeps your hair clean and is good for your hair, rather than causing it more damage.

3. Increases Your Hair’s Shininess

If you’re not washing your hair every day (good job), you may find your roots are on the oily side. If left to be, you may not love the look. You may try to cover it up with dry shampoo, but they sometimes do more damage than good too.

Instead, keep up with your brushing. Continually brushing your hair and redistributing the oils creates a shinier look and healthier hair. When you have a portable brush with you, it increases the frequency you’ll brush your hair, keeping up the shine.

4. Touch Up Your Hairdo Wherever You Are

Even supermodels have to touch up their hairdo throughout the day. Since you probably don’t have a stylist traveling around with you, a portable travel brush is the next best thing.

You’ll always be able to tame those wild hairs and fix your hairdo the way you like it without worrying about embarrassment or messy hair.

5. Get Rid Of Loose Hair

We all lose up to 100 hairs a day. Since we don’t know when it will happen, you may walk around with haphazardly loose hairs hanging on your head. Not only is it funny looking, but it also leaves hair falling around you, on your shirt, in the car, and on the people around you. Brush with a travel brush frequently and you get rid of the loose hair and the embarrassment.

If you don’t have a travel hairbrush in your beauty arsenal, it’s time to get one. Your hair will look healthier, you’ll keep your fresh hairdo, and you’ll give your hair what it needs.