5 Reasons To Propose With An Antique Engagement Ring

Antique engagement rings are proving more popular than ever before. Despite this, some couples are still reluctant to consider what is, after all, a pre-worn ring. To gives those couples some reason to re-think, here are just 5 reasons why a proposal made with an antique makes the perfect way to pop the question.


Continuing Tradition and Passing on Heirlooms

Of course, many of those who wear an antique engagement ring (or are destined to) do so because it is an established and well loved tradition. That said, accepting a ring passed down through generations is not something to simply accept due to it being a tradition. Rather, it is important for anyone giving or set to receive an heirloom antique engagement ring to do so appreciating the love, lore and significance attached to such a gift.

That is, whilst couples shopping for a new ring are in essence buying one which might suit their specific taste or which boasts a sizeable diamond, it most certainly holds little else, at least upon its initial purchase. In contrast, to give an antique heirloom is to give a person a part of a family’s heart and something truly irreplaceable. Hence, an heirloom antique ring is rarely given to somebody a family, and not just a partner, is not entirely sure will remain within the family for the long haul.

To learn and read more about the special significance attached to gifting heirloom engagement rings and ways and means by which they are in 2016 being re-fashioned, head over to the Jewellery Editor website and give their article: Recycling Haeirloom Jewellrey to Create Unique Engagement rings or Wedding Bands a read.

The Most Cost Effective Means of Affording the Perfect Engagement Ring

These days there is no real or standard amount expected to be spent on the purchase of an engagement ring. That said, many people still find the pressure to spend on a ring mars or even can ruin what should be an exciting, exhilarating and enjoyable experience.

Then, an antique engagement ring can provide a person or couple with a means of ensuring they get the best ring at the best price. After all, an antique ring (and certainly antique diamonds) cost far less than new ones.

Further, by shopping online via reputable and well established online jewellers such as Antique Rings Online, couples stand to make even more savings as online jewellers are able to sell their jewellery without having to mark up the price to cover overheads such as high street rents, utilities and taxes.

An Eco-Friendly Means of Purchasing Diamonds

More and more people these days are attempting to live ‘eco-friendly’ lives, or are at least taking a more active interest in matters of ecology and the way their existence impacts on the world. For those attempting to do exactly that, an antique engagement rings provides  the most eco-friendly means of finding that perfect ring whilst mineralising the harm caused to the world.

What is more, an antique engagement bought in part due to it being a more eco-friendly option takes on a whole new and deeper significance; to opt for an antique ring for this reason shows one’s love for the world in which they and their partner are lucky enough to live and have found love together, adding a new depth of meaning to a proposal.

Why Antique Rings Make a Sparkling Investment

By far one of the most alluring, if one of the least romantic, pleasures of purchasing antique jewellery is that it offers real investment potential. After all, whilst you may never intend to sell or part with your engagement ring, simply enjoying something of supreme beauty, value and significance cannot be underestimated.

Further, as many people choose to pass their wedding and engagement rings down to their children, buying an antique ring to begin with can also ensure passing on a ring which is not only accumulating significance, but as well is increasing in monetary value along with it.

To read more about the dos and don’ts to consider when investing in an antique engagement ring, the Spectator website currently features the article: Investing in Jewellery Can Bring Sparkling Returns, which makes both an illuminating and insightful read.

Opting for One in a Million vs. One of a Million

A ring that has survived over a hundred years is arguably the perfect symbol of enduring love, care and resilience. Despite this, a small number of people are reluctant or hesitant to consider an antique ring for the simple and superficial reason that quite simply it is ‘second hand’, no pun intended.

Consequently, many couples take to the high street in search of their perfect new ring, browsing a myriad of albeit lovely, but ultimately reproduced rings or rings of which hundreds if not thousands have been created using the same design. Meanwhile, those who brave to venture into the world of antique engagement rings can expect to find unique and often once custom made and one-off designs unlikely to exist anywhere else in the world.

Hence, before turning your nose up at the idea of wearing a pre-owned ring, consider the fact that in doing so you may find that whilst nobody has worn the ring gracing your finger, a myriad of others might be instead wearing the exact same design.