Pampering Day

5 Occasions You Can Celebrate With A Pampering Day

You don’t really need an excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones, but heading to the salon for some indulgent treatments is certainly a way to celebrate some of the most special moments in life. Read on for five occasions you can celebrate with a special pampering day.

1. Your Birthday

Once a year there is a special day that is dedicated to you — your birthday! What better way to treat yourself for the celebration of your birth than with a pampering day at your favorite salon? On this day you have every reason to spoil yourself, and there is nothing more indulgent than scheduling some top spa services in Dubai (or wherever you reside).

Your birthday is the ultimate excuse for relaxation, so opt to take the day off work and give yourself the gift of time (and a fantastic facial while you are at it!).

2. Mother’s Day

Your mum has provided you with a significant amount of love, care and attention, yet it isn’t always easy to show her how grateful you are for the sacrifices she has made for you and the overwhelming love with which she has showered you. This year, make an appointment for the two of you to have an enchanting day together at the salon.

You can catch up on each other’s lives while sitting next to each other getting a manicure and you can finally show her what all the hype is about eyebrow threading. This thoughtful gift is guaranteed to make her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Pampering Day

3. A Promotion

Well, look at you, making big moves in your career! There is nothing more fulfilling than being recognized for all the hard work you do by getting a promotion. However, the chances are that in the midst of all that work, you haven’t had much time to focus on you and your needs outside of the job.

Therefore, it seems like this would be the ultimate time to treat yourself to a pampering session. You have put in the hours at work, now is the time to redirect a little of that time to yourself.

During your pampering day, select a new beauty or wellness service that you have been meaning to try. This might involve taking an innovative exercise class, trying out a new hairstyle, or getting a full body massage. Whatever it is for you, please don’t feel bad about taking some time away from the office. Practicing self-care will only help you be more focused in and energized for your new role.

4. Wedding

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life, your wedding weekend is an eventful time of joy and bliss. For many brides, the never-ending to-do lists and overwhelming stress that inevitably comes from planning a wedding often overshadows the simple truth that this is a time of love.

To take a time out from all the anxiety and crazy emotions, book yourself time to unwind at a salon with your bridesmaids, family members, and any other special females who will be in attendance. Many salons offer spa package deals when there is a group of you celebrating a special occasion. You will be laughing and feeling joyous before you know it!

Pampering Day

5. Baby Shower

As anyone who has been through a pregnancy knows, while it is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, it can also wreak havoc on your body. From swollen ankles to a permanent feeling of exhaustion, it can be challenging for a soon-to-be-mom to feel her best.

Before the bundle of joy arrives, treat your friend (or yourself — if you’re the pregnant one) to a pampering day, so that she is feeling a little more relaxed when the baby comes. After all, she isn’t going to have much time to do it once she gives birth. She will be infinitely grateful for this girl-bonding session with you!

When do you like to treat yourself and others to a pampering day? Are there any lovely traditions you have when it comes to self-care and wellness? Let us know in the comments below!


Hillary Kozma is the Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director of Kozma & Kozma Salon. Having built the foundation of her skills with an apprenticeship under a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon, Hillary and her husband opened Glow American Salon in Qatar in 2007 before expanding to Dubai as Kozma & Kozma in 2016. Hillary is hailed by the media as a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East.