4 Ways To Improve Your Spiritual Life

4 Ways To Improve Your Spiritual Life

Spirituality simply can be defined as know yourself better and becoming better. Knowing your inner self and improving from within, it falls into a category of self improvement. Spirituality is about improving your-self and helping others in the process to become better in the process making this world a better place to live in. Spirituality can be improved in many ways. Here we discuss about 4 simple ways to improve your spirituality.

1. Grace And Gratitude

Compassion is the key to happiness and spirituality. It is when we extend forgiveness to ourselves and others that we are actually exercising the path to spirituality. So make habit of taking things objectively and not react to our anger, failures and mistakes. We should take them gracefully learn from the mistakes and failures and turn them into wisdom.  So be thankful to life and experiences. This will help improve a positive mindset reducing negativity; So always make this habit of expressing gratitude for daily activities that are always worth being thankful for. This regular practice of being graceful and expressing gratitude will recharge you with positive energy and mindset which will lead to happiness in your life by keeping you in good mood and stable emotions.

2. Nature And Knowledge

Natural things come with natural remedies and soothing environments. It has a cooling effect on us, Spending time outdoors close to nature like  watching the waves of ocean, experiencing river flows, sitting under a tree, or even gardening will help you get connect to nature. This regular interaction with nature will recharge you physically, emotionally and spiritually. While connecting with nature, try to educate yourself with knowledge related to spirituality. Maybe you can read books on spirituality or religion. Maybe you can even take part in spiritual or dharma discourses. This will help you enhance your knowledge that will make you much wiser and inspired person to practice spirituality.

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3 Self-Love And Giving

Spirituality is about loving yourself and others. It is almost like thinking objectively and treating yourself as one of the beings of this world. So first take care of your own self so that you become better person to give and help others. Take time to tame recharge yourself by exercising to think positively so that you create environment where spirituality can blossom. Once you are fit you can start giving to others. One of the great ways to improve your spirituality is by giving. Seize any opportunity to help others in need. Being unselfish and giving to others will give you a unique inner satisfaction that will help you grow stronger as a better spiritual person.

Typical example could be you can start giving spiritual Buddhist gifts to ones you care like buy and gift a Buddha statue. Buddha statues serve as reminders to live a life of compassion, so the statue will serve as a worthy reminder, to both you and your friend, to never give up on a life of spirituality. On the other hand, you can also help someone meditate by giving meditating dharma gifts like Tibetan Mantra Charms, offering bowls, prayer flags etc.

4. Use Of Mindfulness Meditation In Your Daily Life.

Finally the ultimate purpose of a spiritual life is to get enlightenment and become a better person. For this practice all the above points along with meditation. Meditation can come in various forms. They can come in a form of a prayer, yoga, walking or sitting vipasanna meditation, or just being mindful while doing daily activities like sitting, standing, walking, washing dishes and even having a meal. Take time out every day for a while to spend time alone with our thoughts and meditate. Instead of getting overwhelmed by daily grief, mixed emotion of activities try developing a habit to take these feeling objectively and not react to it. Take things calmly and accept our feelings as they are, and you are well on the way to having better spiritual life.