3 Modern Flower Girl Dresses for Fall Wedding

3 Modern Flower Girl Dresses for Fall Wedding

There are flower girls, and then there are flower girls — the ones who look like they stepped out of a storybook and are destined to be princesses themselves one day. While you’ll find plenty of adorable flower girl dresses on the market, it can be hard to tell which ones truly fit into the modern category. These three stylish flower girl dresses are perfect options for your fall wedding or a special occasion where you want your little guests to stand out in the crowd!

Fall Color Lace Dress

Presley’s lace dresses for little girls are beautiful options for fall. The lace sleeves and fall-themed colors are perfect for the season. The fitted design will help your little one easily fit into this dress, and it’s also easy to style with other pieces in her wardrobe. These pair great with any color of ballerina flats, and she can even wear tights if the wedding day is on a cooler day. Best of all, it won’t break the bank! These affordable lace dresses are sure to please even those tight on funds. You’ll have many options without spending a lot of money.

Satin Bow Tie Dress

A classic design with a dash of modernity, the satin dress is adorable. Lace details add a feminine touch to the dress that balances out the heavier fabric. The bow tie detail ties in nicely with the season, making it an especially perfect choice for fall weddings. A bodice with ruching and tulle detailing at the hemline will flatter any little girl’s figure. If you want something more traditional, this dress will be easy to find in your standard wedding colors such as ivory, white, pastels, and bold colors, making it one of the most convenient styles of dresses to commit to.

Flower Girls Dresses

Ballgown Dress

An elegant and feminine style, the ballgown dress is a beautiful choice for your flower girl to wear on your big day. Perfect for those who want their little one to look prim and proper, this dress is trimmed with lace along the waist and down the skirt. She will feel beautiful in this floor-length gown with simple off-the-shoulder sleeves. The hem of the skirt cascades over layers of tulle in an elegant display of cascading ruffles as she walks down the aisle behind you. Be sure to purchase a petticoat that attaches to the waistline so her train will flow elegantly behind her. And if you’re looking for an ensemble that perfectly matches your wedding theme, don’t forget about accessories such as satin gloves or a beautiful headpiece.

The three flower girl dresses featured in this post are perfect fall wedding attire and feature sophisticated designs that are classy and timeless. They each give off a vintage vibe that is fun yet conservative, making them ideal options for modern flower girls. These elegant dresses will surely make your special day even more memorable. Accessories such as the right pair of shoes and jewelry will make it all the more beautiful, so be sure to keep those in mind when choosing the style of dress for your flower girl.