12 Tips for Living Healthy, Beautiful and Long life with support of CA-98

By the end of year 2030, the number of elderly in US is expected to be tripled. And when I say elderly I mean 80 years or above. Indirectly, it implies that nowadays even if you are 60 you are not elderly as it was normally perceived a decade or so ago. “But how long people live raises the question of how well they live”, MeikaLoe author and Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Colgate University has penned down a whole book on the subject. [1]

By the way, you are not expected to follow all the tips I’m going to share with you but you can certainly choose 4-5 that are relevant to your life situation. Here are your tips divided into three groups i.e. “Basics or preparatory”, “Effectors” and “Advanced”. Please note that you can combine CA-98 with all the three groups in different yet coherent ways.


These first 5 tips are meant to prepare you for a long, healthy and beautiful life after 50s or when you want to retire to a relaxed life.

Tip 1: Ensure continuity & do what you did best during the last 2-3 decades of your life

Tip 2: Design the living space around you

Tip 3: Adopt moderation

Tip 4: Take care of your personal self

Tip 5: Ask for help; Mobilize resources

When you spend time to improve your individualism, it pays via better health, good looks and strong personality. CA-98 is valuable resources you can mobilize to further enhance longevity.


These next 4 tips help you transform your life to the demanding challenges of aging.

Tip 6: Connect with Peers

Tip 7: Don’t be nostalgic

Tip 8: Develop a routine of physical activity

Tip 9: Reach out to Family

If you wonder how CA-98 is going to fit in with the above 4 tips, you need to alter your perspective slightly. How many times in the latter half of your life you wanted to pursue a healthy lifestyle and failed? Most of us never manage to draw the necessary energy and concentration required to bring in that vital change. CA-98 provides that missing link. Once we start feeling 10 years younger, stronger and more beautiful, things tend to become easier and simpler for implementation.


These gems are icing on the cake.

Tip 10: Confronting generation gap proactively

Tip 11: Insist on intimacy

Tip 12: Physical, mental & social Adaptability

As Dr. Ed Park, a telomere and telomerase expert, explains it briefly, “ Telomeres, if kept intact, can afford a lifetime of better sleep, healthier skin, better mood, better exercise recovery time, and even an improved sex life”. Keep your telomeres intact. CA-98 can support this. Better sexual performance translates into intimacy (tip 11). Better mood makes it easier for you to bridge the generation gap. A grandson is more likely to interact with a jolly grandparent. Better sleep and healthier skin definitely assist in mental and social adaptability.


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