11 Resolutions That Promote Body Positivity This New Year

11 Resolutions That Promote Body Positivity This New Year

New year, new you—at least that’s what many people swear to themselves on January 1 each year. If you’re one of the many people around the world who vows yearly to lose weight and get in shape and then doesn’t follow through, it’s time to toss those self-critical resolutions in favor of some more body positivity. From wearing flattering shapewear to pampering yourself, here are 11 resolution ideas that don’t involve getting down on yourself:

Detox Your Social Media Feeds.

Social media can be a huge contributing factor to making you feel bad about your body, from celebrities peddling suspicious “detox teas” to “thinspo” content that essentially promotes unhealthy bodies. Give yourself a clean slate by unfollowing all of these accounts. And if you have some friends who post weight- or body-related content that you find triggering, consider muting them as well. Then, fill your feed with body positive role models of all shapes, sizes and colors that encourage you to love yourself just as you are.

Draw Boundaries with Friends.

Social chit chat amongst women often centers around appearance, including weight- and body-related talk. If you have friends who are constantly talking about dieting and how they look, you might want to reconsider your friends, or at least draw some pretty strict boundaries with them. If they’re truly your friends, they will respect your wishes and not bring up topics such as dieting when you’re around.

Clean Out Your Closet.

If you’ve been holding on to some pants for years, waiting for that hypothetical date when you lose 10 pounds, it’s time for them to go. Clean out your closet and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit you anymore, or that you simply don’t wear. Give the garments to friends who can fit into them, or donate them to a reseller or a fabric recycler. You’ll feel so much better without those old clothes hanging around!

11 Resolutions That Promote Body Positivity This New Year

Wear Clothes That Fit You Now.

If you’ve been squeezing yourself into old garments that are too small because “you’ll lose it eventually,” consider this your challenge to get yourself some new clothes and/or shapewear that look and fit great. Resist the temptation to buy ill-fitting or unflattering clothes simply because they’re cheaper or on sale. Instead, buy clothing for the size that you are now, not the size you want to be in the distant future.

Avoid Weight-Focused Body Talk, Even Compliments.

“You look great now that you’ve lost so much weight!” sounds like a compliment, but it’s really not. It implies that someone didn’t look good before they lost the weight, and it focuses the conversation on how much they do or don’t weigh. If you do want to compliment someone, phrase it in a way that doesn’t involve weight. For instance, you can just say “That outfit makes you look great!” instead of “That outfit makes you look thinner.”

Do Workouts That You Enjoy.

If you’ve been working out solely to burn calories and lose weight, then you were probably miserable while doing it. In the new year, break up with the old workouts you love to hate and find new exercises that you actually enjoy doing. It’s so much easier to get moving if you’re actually looking forward to what you’re doing. If you’re struggling with how to stay motivated to work out at home during quarantines, there’s lots of inspiration out there that can specifically help with that.

Take The Fashion Risks You’ve Always Wanted to.

Have you always wanted to try a fashion trend but didn’t because “that pattern will make you look big” or “yellow isn’t your color” or “you’re too old to pull off an undercut”? Whatever excuse you have, it’s time to shake off your hesitations and just do it. If there’s a fashion risk you’ve been dying to take, but you’ve been afraid of what others will say, that might be the perfect sign that you need to make the leap.

Drink More Water.

Water has tons of benefits for your physical health as well as your appearance. It helps lubricate your joints, hydrates your skin from within and reduces fluid retention. If you’ve been dehydrated lately, making it a goal to drink more water in the new year is an excellent goal that will make you look and feel better. Not to mention it’s the perfect justification to splurge on a really nice water bottle!

11 Resolutions That Promote Body Positivity This New Year

Improve Your Skincare and Haircare Game.

The beauty community can be just as toxic as the diet community and make you obsess over every little pore and split end. Instead of trying to make your skin and hair look perfect, focus on making them strong and healthy and able to withstand life’s stressors. Some specific goals might include putting on sunscreen every morning or phasing heat styling out of your hair care routine.

Don’t Talk Negatively About Yourself.

This is a tough one, but it’s a really good goal if you’re serious about being body positive in the new year. If you’re very self-critical, you might not ever notice that you’re talking down to yourself, so try to stay aware and stop yourself before you enter a negative spiral. Also, make it a point not to talk negatively about your appearance, especially in front of young girls. Body negativity is learned, not innate, and many young girls pick up on it by hearing older women criticize their appearance.

Pamper Your body.

Your body does a lot for you, so it’s time to show it some love just for being itself. This can take many forms, from taking a long bath to eating a nice meal to buying yourself some cute lingerie to booking yourself a massage. You shouldn’t have to earn the ability to feel good, so embrace pampering your body as well as your mind in the new year.

Body positive is an excellent thing to aspire to in the new year, and the more specific you are about it, the more likely you are to attain it. Here’s to more self-love in 2021!