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10 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know

Coordinating what accessories to wear is a task that women should relish every morning. Your jewellery defines your style and communicates a piece of your personality to the world. But, sometimes, there’s just far too much choice! Is today a day for that unique handmade jewellery you were gifted? Should you wear your new drop earrings or pair of small stud earrings?

To ensure that you always look your best, here are 10 jewellery style tips from the expert Jewel Tree London team.

10 jewellery style tips you need to know

Mix your metals

What was once a fashion taboo is now a stylish way to spice up your look. But, wait – there’s a technique to follow when mixing metals. Avoid mixing up multiple shades of gold in one go. Instead, pick a maximum of two metal hues and balance them equally. For example, you could wear a gold vermeil ring the exact same tone as a pair of small stud earrings and add a rose gold pendant necklace.

Stick to one era

Jewellery Style

If you love to rock a vintage look but also enjoying experimenting with the block colours of the swingin’ sixties, that’s great! But do avoid mixing eras up, as it can look a little chaotic. Stick to one decade per day and channel that fashion.

Less is more

When we’re teenagers, we have the tendency to playfully wear all our jewellery in one go. However, less really is more – especially when it comes to accessories. We recommend women invest in beautiful handmade jewellery and unique pieces and enable

Pick a focal piece

Jewellery Style

Continuing on from the less is more approach, try choosing one statement piece per day. Just one item that you want everyone to notice; consider it an anchor for your accessories. This may be a piece that accentuates the features you are most proud of. For example, if you have slender fingers, choose an elegant gold vermeil ring. If you have sharp cheekbones, pop in some designer stud earrings that set them alight.

Understand the value of gemstones

We often choose gemstones because of their appearance, colour, and natural beauty. But there is so much more to gemstones, and they have a rich spiritual lineage. Some stones offer protective qualities whilst others help relieve you of anxiety. Assess your current mood and refer to the JTL’s guide to stones to find the rock which will guide you through your day.

Create layers

You know how when the autumn comes around or when we pack for a summer holiday, it’s all about the layers? Well, in jewellery – we can wear layers every single day! Particularly when it comes to necklaces, layering can create your own bespoke style. Collect together a couple of chains of varying lengths to create a textured look. For example, team a rose gold pendant necklace with an opera length beaded chain and you’ll feel incredible.

Stack ‘em up

Layering doesn’t stop there – don’t let your hands miss out! Stacking your rings is one of the most expressive contemporary trends, and it’s not restricted to wedding and engagement bands. Use your favourite gold vermeil ring as a starting place and adorn your fingers with complementary pieces.

Know your skin tone

Bear your skin tone in mind. To figure out what yours is, you need to see what your skin undertone is. Rather than assessing the tone of your face (which changes throughout the day), look at your inner wrists. You can then determine your skin tone on the below matrix then check out the Jewel Tree London style guide.

  • Cool: Your base tone is pink, reddish or blue and the veins on the inside of your wrist appear blue.
  • Warm: Your base tone is peach, yellow or golden and you’ll see olive or green veins on the inside of your wrist.
  • Neutral: If you cannot actually see your veins then you have a neutral skin tone and can wear any colour!

Invest in handmade jewellery

Jewellery Style

Every woman deserves to have a couple of pieces of handmade jewellery in her collection. It’s like artwork that you can keep on your person – and should help inspire your own creativity. Check out your local boutiques or visit designers at craft fairs to discover someone incredible.

Be brave

And now you know the rules of styling jewellery – it’s playtime. Follow our tips but don’t be afraid to break some of our rules. Be brave and find your unique style.